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Discussion [Jul. 30th, 2012|01:50 pm]
kohei uchimura



Hello lovelies! unfortunately i've been very busy to make a post about the recent games taking place in London. As you probably know the men team finale took place tonight and there seems to be a bit of controversy around it, for several reasons i wasn't able to watch the last part of the competiton and all of the information i have it's from twitter, that's why i'll be very grateful if any of you could could leave their opinions or commentaries about it all in this post (please help a confused girl out). All the reference i have is that the last time i looked at the rankings Japan was still listed second.

Anyway i hope you're enjoying all the London activities and remember that this place exists whenever you feel like fangirling, i'm pretty sure we'll be all rooting for Kohei to take the gold.